Centre of Biomedical Engineering


The Center of Biomedical Engineering was established to produce trained manpower in critical areas of the discipline and lead research relevant to improvement of healthcare services in Ethiopia.

Although Biomedical Engineering is a broad discipline with different tracks of study, both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs launched are in Bio-instrumentation and Imaging. The track is developed and run in cooperation with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Preparations are underway to launch similar programs in another track, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering, to be run in cooperation with the School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

The vision of the Center is to be a regional focal point for teaching, research, and innovation in three specific areas of biomedical engineering: Bio-instrumentation and Imaging, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.

The Center’s mission is to produce the critical manpower in the areas of interest who can be actively involved in the management, design, construction, and installation of equipment and innovative research activities.

Currently, the Center is located at the former School of Pharmacy with a few administrative offices, classrooms, and laboratories. In the future, with the support of partners and stakeholders, fully-fledged teaching and research campus will be established.

The Center for Biomedical Engineering has been established at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology to launch both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in one track of biomedical engineering – Instrumentation and Imaging. The programs are launched with the minimum start-up preparation assuming subsequent step-by-step implementation of the proposal. This proposal guides the development of facilities in a smooth manner without major investment.



The undergraduate training program is aimed at alleviating the challenge of biomedical equipment management and thereby improving the quality of the health care in the country.

General Objectives:

The general objectives of the Undergraduate Program are:

  • To train biomedical engineers who can design, develop, install, operate, and maintain biomedical equipment and thereby improve health care system in the country; and
  • To train biomedical engineers to carry out research in the areas of biomedical engineering relevant to the needs of the country.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives are to:

  • Engage students in technical activities to support the health care system and emerging industries;
  • Prepare graduates with the capability to follow the current and future developments in the field and related applications;
  • Enable graduates work as a team in addressing technical problems which may be encountered in real life and health care system;
  • Provide graduates with sufficient background to undertake postgraduate training in related specialized areas of bio discipline.