Seminars, conferences and Trainings

Seminars, conferences and training held by the School

Here are some notable events that took place during the year 2013 under the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

A seminar on Biogas Technology was presented by Associate Professor Åke Nordberg from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences on October 3, 2013

 Internship outgoing students of the SCEE were given a first time ever, one day intensive training on construction site safety and first aid. This was given in collaboration with SCEE, Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs & Tebita Ambulance Service from October 14-19, 2013

 Members of the Chair of Water Supply & Environmental Engineering gave training on ’Research Methodology and Scientific Paper Writing’ for 19 staff members of the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy from June 17-29, 2013

 A seminar was held by Professor Edward J. Murray, PhD, on the title ‘The Science and Mechanics of the Ground’ by the collaboration of AAiT and Murray Rix Geotechnical from UK on December 17, 2013

 A public lecture was conducted by Nancy G. Love, Ph.D., PE, BCEE, WEF, from University of Michigan USA With the title “The Evolution of Wastewater Management Systems towards Resource Recovery” on October 17, 2013