Addis Ababa University Male’s Solidarity Club for Gender Equality and Elimination of GBV/Yewendoch Agarnet Kibeb)

The club was established in 2014/15 based on a research finding by Dr Belay Hagos, who suggests the importance of the involvement of males in overall gender activism to insure gender equality and to eliminate gender based violation and gender based division of labor. The club is based at Addis Ababa University Main Campus and has branches in most of the other campuses. The gender office has managed to plant the club in other 10 government universities of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa University Males Solidarity Club has more than 1200 members; males and females, students and non-students and associate members who are the university lecturers, administrative workers, experts, including the University President and also journalists.


The club is managed and run by students and supported by the University Gender office and other offices and has civil society and NGO partners.


The club is working in every aspect of gender activism to create healthy family and well developed society in Ethiopia by enhancing male’s integrity.

  • Changing the trend where only women are activist for gender equality and elimination of GBV
  • promoting shared responsibility towards Gender equality and prevention of GBV
  • Facilitating male’s participation and laying down the ground for their practical solidarity


To see rational individuals that are aware of gender equality, healthy family that believe in gender equality and give equal opportunity to both children, boys and girls, that can be ground for well-developed society, where both male and female are given equal opportunity and are not subjected to any violation or oppression because of their gender.


Working strategies

We have four strategies:

  1. Awareness rising /capacity building: Through different trainings and organizing discussion forums, where research findings as well as theater for development are presented.
  2. Prevention is the best way to end violence. To prevent it from happening in the first place, by addressing the root causes an effective step. Prevention should start early in life by educating and working with young boys and girls and promoting respectful relationship and gender equality. We organize different dialogues, present cases of violations and its consequences, panel Discussion programs, present cases of GBV and its consequences using Theatre for development, etc.
  3. Working in network is the third strategy

We welcome everybody who is interested to work with us and we purposefully create a network with organizations working on related issues, whether government or non-government, local or international. We have found this strategy very useful in addressing the capacity gap we face in different aspects. And we are open to have new partners and donors.

  1. Giving Support to Victims of GBV

Giving necessary support to those exposed to the risk of GBV that can help them to heal is a key part of our work.

How to be a member?

Members are usually recruited after attending the awareness rising sessions held at the beginning of each academic year regarding Male involvement and the club’s purpose.

What Members are expected to do?

Females, after becoming members in our solidarity are expected to:

  1. be aware of their rights and to claim them
  2. understand that males can make a mind change and not all males are violent
  3. help males students in order to create conducive environment to fulfill their expected role in gender activism
  4. understand males can be good partners and activist for the protection and promotion of human rights

Males, after becoming member of the club are expected:

  1. to be a rational person who believe in gender equality
  2. to understand how women were suffer in the past and support necessary affirmative actions
  3. not to commit any form of Gender based violence; verbal or physical
  4. to take actions to prevent people around them as much as possible from committing GBV and to teach them that GBV is an act of violating human right
  5. to stand on the side of the victims when violations acts take place

These are what they will promise when they become a member.

What has been done so far?

  • The Club has now 1200 active members
  • Addressed about 3000 people on awareness raising by direct trainings and awareness rising sessions
  • Working on FM Radios occasionally
  • Able to organize successful two National forum on Male involvement

The 1st National Discussion Forum on “Male Involvement in Combating GBV” conducted on 4 November 2015, at Harmony Hotel, Addis Ababa


The 2nd National Discussion Forum on Knowledge and Involvement of Male in “Ending Violence against Women” conducted on December 1, 2016 at FBE Eshetu Cholle Hall

On these two National forums which has been organized in 2015 and 2016 in Addis Ababa, research paper presentations, panel discussions have been conducted on the issue of Male involvement, Gender based violence and different experiences presented and the way forward also identified.

  • Managed to expand the Club in about 10 Universities to realize nationwide movement on male involvement.
  • Increase number of partners who have potential to contribute to the Clubs’ development.

Club Committee members (together with other club members) visited different universities every year to share their experiences and initiate the establishment of similar clubs in the universities

Common Activities

  • Continued Dialogue: encompasses about 150 students in different small groups and conducted in four consecutive weeks. In this dialogue program different core issues in gender and societal development are raised, and on the final day an expert in the area from gender office addresses issues that are found more debatable and create consensus.

Training on Male involvement and Good parenting:

The training mainly focuses on Graduating class students that are prospective parents and aims at giving them professional and scientifically proved characteristics of good parenting so as to create gender responsive family at a household level.

Finally, in all our works, we always try to identify good norms and useful practices of our society and use them to address the issues in hand. Because peoples fear activities regarding gender as something alien to our culture, we try to show them that we have respect for domestic values that the well-being of human beings. In this way it is easy to remove the harmful, wrong habits and practices.

Need to know more about our club or want to become a member? The following is our contact address:


Or visit our facebook page @ Agarnet club

Or Call on +251111233828 / 0921456250


  1. Partner Organizations/Associations/Individual
  2. Individual Partners
  3. Aster Zewdie Memorial Scholarship fund: provides financial support for Top scoring Language Studies female students
  4. Partner Organizations
  5. UN-Women CSO Advisory Group: Works with our office in Combating GBV
  6. Institute for Global Outreach (IGO): Provides Financial Support for needy students (male & Female)
  7. People to People USA: Provides Financial Support for Female needy students
  8. Information Network Security Agency (ENSA): Provides financial support for Top scoring Science and Computer Engineering female student
  9. Center for Creative leadership: Trains selected first year female students in Leadership and also runs mentorship program for the students
  • Association Partner
  1. Network of Ethiopian Women’s Association (NWEA): Works with our office in Combating GBV


Office Contact:

Tel. +251-1 11 23 3828 (office), Fax +251-0111-239766,


Office Address: Sidist Kilo/Main Campus, Nelson Mandela Building, 3rd floor, Room No. 306 and 302, 303