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For regular and extension students, the University follows a two-semester calendar of sixteen weeks of classes each. The school of Medicine may use a system of annual instead of semester course offerings. The summer education programs have a term system. The calendar for each year is prepared by the University Registrar and approved by the University Senate. Regular undergraduate programs are run usually from the second week of every September to the end of June, except for prospective graduates who stay a bit late in campus until they graduate.

Summer programs usually commence in mid-July and run through September.

Graduate education is offered from November to around mid-July; with first enrollments preceded by preparatory training of candidates in language and computational skills and research methodology – aimed at improving quality of graduate education.


First Round of Applications for Admission to the Graduate Program Opens for Semester II of 2016/17 AY
Oct 26 – Oct 31 all-day
Last Date for Dropping Courses
Nov 4 all-day
University Senate Meeting
Nov 10 all-day
Understanding Risk and Finance
Nov 17 – Nov 20 all-day

“Building financial resilience of African nations and communities to
climate and disaster risks”

The Understanding Risk and Finance conference represents a global
forum for policy makers and financial sector experts to discuss
effective strategies and approaches in mitigating the socio-economic,
fiscal, and financial impacts of disasters. We expect about 300
attendees. Key topics to be addressed will be disaster risk assessment
tools and applications, financing tools and approaches available to
policy-makers, and a discussion of the opportunities and challenges
associated with efforts to strengthen financial resilience against
disasters in the region. The conference also aims to introduce
attendees to the Understanding Risk Community of Practice, a global
network of approximately 3300 members from more than 120 countries,
among them members of Governments, regional institutions, the
financial and insurance sector, international organizations, and

Website link:

Visit the website to view partners collaborating in organizing this conference.

Deans Submit First Semester Final Teaching Load Report and Academic Staff Statistics to the Office of the Academic Staff Affairs
Nov 19 all-day
Applications for Advanced Standing into Second Semester of 2015/16 AY
Dec 7 – Dec 11 all-day
Registration for Make-up Examination
Dec 7 – Dec 11 all-day
Second Round Applications for Readmission of Regular and Evening Students for 2nd Semester of 2015/16 AY
Dec 7 – Dec 11 all-day
The Office of the Registrar Reports First Semester Enrolment Statistics & Classroom Utilization to the Offices of the President & Academic Vice President
Dec 7 all-day
The Office of the Academic Staff Affairs Reports First Semester Academic Staff List to the Offices of the President & Academic Vice President.
Dec 10 all-day