Partnerships and Collaboration


The center as a branch of the academy is in partnership and collaboration with:

  • Federal, regional, zonal and district level offices of culture and tourism,
  • Federal, regional, zonal and district level offices of education, and
  • SIL-Ethiopia

The partnership and collaboration are in various activities such as data collection, research output dissemination, workshop participation, manpower training, consultancy and execution of some research projects on contractual basis.

Some social associations are also increasingly approaching the center for some collaborative works; one among them that deserves mentioning here is The Kistane Development Association. In response to the association’s request the center assigned one of its staff members nearly four years ago to help the association in the preparation of Kistaninya-Amharic-English Tri-lingual Dictionary. The dictionary is in its final phase of completion at this time, could be ready for publishing in less than six months from now.


At the international level of partnership and collaboration the center is working with The Christensen Fund. The center has got so far 3 rounds of funding for some of its dictionary projects from the given organization.