Research and Community Services

So far the center has achieved the publication of:

  • four monolingual dictionaries of Amharic, Oromo, Sidama, and Tigrigna,
  • one bilingual dictionary of Wolayta-Amharic,
  • three trilingual dictionaries of Bayso-Amharic-English, Dime-Amharic-English, and Kebena-Amharic-English,
  • one quadrilingual dictionary of Irob Saho-Tigrigna-Amharic-English, and
  • thirteen dictionaries of science and technology terms (English-Amharic).

There are also six other dictionaries on the pipe-line for publication; namely, upgraded 2nd edition monolingual dictionaries of:

  • Amharic,
  • Oromo, and
  • Tigrigna, and

trilingual dictionaries of:

  • Hamer-Amharic-English,
  • Haro-Amharic-English, and
  • Korete-Amharic-English.

Currently the center is working on:

  • one monolingual dictionary of Wolayta,
  • four trilingual dictionaries of:
  1. Dasenech-Amharic-English,
  2. Halaba-Amharic-English,
  3. Male-Amharic-English,
  4. Mosittacha -Amharic-English, and
  • one quadrilingual dictionary of Zay-Oromo-Amharic-English.