At present the Lexicography, Terminology and Translation Center has 8 permanent staff members:

1 Gebre Bizuneh Guadie(PhD) Assi. professor Head
2 Ato Abebe Keno Gonfa(PhD candidate)  Lecturer Member
3 Ato Alemayehu Dogamo Doda (PhD) Assi. professor Member
4 Ato Alemayehu Gurmu Bileat Assi. professor Member
5 W/t Haregewoin Kebede (PhD candidate) Lecturer Member
6 Mulugeta Seyoum Gebeyaw(PhD) Assi. professor Member & Deputy Director of AELC
7 Elsabeth Demisie (PhD candidate Lecturer Member
8 Ato Tsegay Weldemariam Beyene (PhD candidate) Lecturer Member