Research Projects

Researchers in the Academy of Ethiopian Languages and Cultures (AELC) have been engaged in various projects since 2015. These projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2016. The on-going projects can be grouped into the academy’s four centers:

a) Language Studies Center:

  1. Comparative Grammar of Konsoid Languages
  2. Documentation of Mesqan Morphology
  3. Contrastive Analysis of Awngi and Amharic: Creating Awareness among Amharic Teachers and Curriculum Developers for Awngi Mother Tongue Schools
  4. The Study of Aari Dialects

b) Social and Cultural Studies Center:

  1. The Oral History of Halaba
  2. Cultural Dictionary of the Arsi Oromo
  3. “Kala”: Halaba Women’s Traditional Songs and its Social Significance
  4. Description of the Funeral Ceremony of Konso
  5. Description of the Manja of Kafa and Sheka
  6. Exclusion within Inclusion: Story of Protestant Mana and Manja in Dawro

c) Lexicography, Terminology and Translation Center:

The below five tri-lingual dictionaries are being compiled at the moment:

  • Mosittacha – Amharic – English
  • Maale – Ahmaric – English
  • Zay – Amharic – English
  • Dasenech – Amharic – English and
  • Halaba – Amharic – English

d) Philology Center:

Two books are in the process of translation from Ge’ez to Amharic. These are:

  1. የቅኔ መንገዶች (Yeqenie Mengedoch)
  2. መጽሐፈ ሙሴ (Metsehafe Musie)