Africa Center of Excellence for Water Management

Water in Africa is a vital resource for overall socioeconomic development and must be seen as an instrument for regional integration. The essential role of water in sustaining life, development, and life-supporting environmental resources is well recognized. However, the Eastern and Southern African (ESA) Countries face largely similar challenges in water resources management;

  • Droughts,
  • Floods,
  • Erratic rains,
  • Chronic food insecurity;
  • Water borne diseases

These challenges accounts for large share of disease incidence in the region and in this respect, water availability has become a major constraint in realization of socio-economic development. As fresh water becomes increasingly scarce, water resource management and sustainability will be vital to maintaining quality of life and economic development.

he Africa Centre of Excellence for Management (ACEWM) was established to address these issues and more. The most important rationale for establishing ACEWM is the need to develop highly skilled human resource capable of handling more complex water management problems in a holistic, integrative and transformative approach. These efforts include teaching, innovative research, internships, on job technical training and community outreach programs using broad-based partnership approach.

The ACEWM leverages the expertise of many premier hydrologic science and water technology partner institutions at national, regional and international level to deliver world-class teaching, research and outreach services in water management using broad-based partnership approach.

The initiative to establish ACEWM is consistent with the strategic goals of AAU, the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) of Ethiopia, Africa’s Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA), and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The ACEWM is an interdisciplinary program which will concentrate on existing capacity and develop new capacity to facilitate collaboration across disciplines and across organizations on long term programs and projects of direct relevance to Africa’s water sustainability.

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