Mission and Vision


Aklilu Lemma Institute of Pathobiology envisages being a centre of excellence in biomedical research and teaching/training in tropical and infectious diseases of humans and animals and development of disease intervention/control tools in the region and beyond.


The Institute’s mission is to

  1. conduct research on tropical and infectious diseases of humans and animals that are of major national health importance;
  2. initiate and strengthen research on medicinal plants, their sustainable utilization,       management and cultivation, and contribute to the development of safe and affordable herbal drugs;
  3. provide trans-disciplinary postgraduate training that are relevant to national health development;
  4. produce graduates that render quality professional service in research, training, and policy making in the health sector;
  5. initiate, plan, organize and seek various foreign and local research grants and donations to materialize the vision of the Institute;
  6. develop disease intervention, prevention and control tools/packages;
  7. provide high standard and specialized diagnostic services in troApical and infectious diseases;
  8. undertake collaborative initiatives and work in synergy with national and international institutes and stakeholders; and
  9. publish and exchange experience, scientific data, reports and publications, organize workshops, symposia and forums for dissemination of out-puts.