Gobena Ameni

Gobena Ameni

Full name: Gobena Ameni Chimdi

Education attended:

1)      DVM: Veterinary Medicine: Addis Ababa University, July 1996

2)      DIC (Diploma of Imperial College): Immunology: Imperial College of Science and Technology (UK), February 2009

3)      PhD: Microbiology: Imperial College of Science and Technology (UK), February 2009

Academic rank: Associate Professor

Working for AAU: Since Since May 1997

Administrative positions held:  

Head, the Animal Health and Zoonotic Research Unit, Aklilu Lemma Institute of  Pathobiology

Awards, memberships and editorial roles:

1)     Awarded Tore Godal Prize in 2001 for contribution to infectious diseases research

2)     Awarded the following four research grants from international funding bodies:

a)      Wellcome Trust (2005-2010): £2 million: Tuberculosis in developing countries in collaboration with six different institutions (European and African institutions). The PI of the Project was Professor Douglas Young of the Imperial College. (Gobena Ameni served as a focal researcher for the Ethiopian aspect of the Project, and PI and Coordinator for two of the seven work packages of the Project)

b)     NUFU (2007-2012): 3.5 million NK for tuberculosis research in the Afar Region in collaboration with the University of Oslo. (Gobena Ameni served as PI and Coordinator for the Ethiopian aspect of the Project)

c)       Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Department for International Development (DfID) (2012-2014): $1,690,880 for investigation of vaccine against tuberculosis in collaboration with the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (UK) and the Armauer Hansen Research Institute. (Gobena Ameni is serving as PI and Coordinator for the Ethiopian aspect of the Project)

d)     National Institute of Health (NIH) (2013-2015): $847,000 for investigation of genomics and proteomics of tuberculosis in Ethiopia in collaboration with the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI, USA). (Gobena Ameni is serving as as PI and Coordinator for the Ethiopian aspect of the Project)

3)     Member of the International Working Group on Vaccine Development for Human and Animal Tuberculosis

4)     Member of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association and Ethiopian Society of Tropical and Infectious Diseases

5)     Assistant Editor of the Ethiopian Veterinary Journal

Campus: Technology South
Building name: Aklilu Lemma Institute of Pathobiology
Floor number: G + 1
Office tel.: +251-112 763091
Mobile: +251-911 413073
University email ID: gobena.ameni@aau.edu.et
 Alternative email ID: gobenachimdi2009@yahoo.co.uk

Research interest

Tuberculosis and histoplasmosis: molecular epidemiology, proteomics, treatment options and immunology/vaccinology of these diseases are the main areas of attention. The goal is to develop the tools (diagnostics, biologicals, vaccines, drugs etc.) which would help to control these diseases.

Publications in reputable journals:

  1. Garedew, L., Mihret, A., Abebe T. and Ameni, G. 2013. Molecular typing of mycobacteria isolated from extrapulmonary tuberculosis patients at Debre Birhan Referral Hospital, central Ethiopia. Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases, Early Online: 1-7.
  2. Hussein,B., Debebe, T., Wilder-Smith, A., and Ameni, G. 2013. Drug susceptibility test on Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from pulmonary tuberculosis patients in three sites of Ethiopia. African Journal of Microbiology Research 7(9), 791-796.
  3. Ashenafi, D., Mamo, G., Ameni, G. and Simenew, K. 2013. Epidemiology and molecular characterization of causative agents of bovine tuberculosis in ruminants. Journal of Bacteriology and Parasitology 4, 161. Doi: 10.4172/2155-9597.1000161
  4. Ayana, T., Mamo, G., Sisay, T. and Ameni, G. 2013. Majority of the mycobacteria isolated from tuberculosis-like lesions of grazing cattle in western Ethiopia are non-Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex species. African Journal of Microbiology Research 7, 2190-2197
  5. Garedew, L., Mihret, A., Mamo, G., Abebe T., Firdessa, R., Bekele, Y., and Ameni, G. 2013. Strain Diversity of Mycobacteria Isolated from Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients at Debre Birhan Referral Hospital, Ethiopia. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases 17(8):1076-81. doi: 10.5588/ijtld.12.0854.