Research background

Following the recent structural reforms made across the university, the Institute has been organized as a stand-alone research institute focusing on biomedical research, under the office of Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer. Currently, the Institute consists of five research units, which carry out the respective research programs:

  • Microbiology Research Unit
  • Vector Biology and Control Research Unit
  • Endod and Other Medicinal Plants Research Unit
  • Medical Parasitology Research Unit
  • Animal Health and Zoonotic Diseases Research Unit

The Institute also runs postgraduate programs in Tropical and Infectious Diseases at both the MSc and PhD levels. The MSc program was launched in 2005 and that of the PhD in 2008. In 2016/17 academic year, the Institute has enrolled a total of 57 graduate students (23 MSc and 34 PhD). The academic staffs of the Institute are also involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in some colleges of the University, namely, the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Health Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture.