AAU announces its 10th rank title among the giant African Universities

Addis Ababa University issued a press release and announced its 10th rank title among top African Universities to government and non-government media on November 7, 2019 at Senate hall.

On his welcoming address, Professor Tasew Weldehanna, President of Addis Ababa University, said the achievement triggers the country’s other universities to work hard so as to reach to their roaring success.

“Rigorous research, high-quality education and working with workaholics help a lot for remarkable accomplishment and high point of productive human achievement” Tasew emphasized.

“We give special attention to other Universities to be prominent institutions in the world and help them to make progress in advancing education. We want to broaden their research and education activities” he assured.

Dr. Matthewos Ensermu, Administration and Student Service Vice president, said on his part “Accumulated teaching and researching experience and more than one hundred our eminent professors have made the university prestigious in the world.”

Matthewos further said, the professors’ spectacular achievement on their international contacts, the ground-breaking researches and the highly influential academic publications have been the keys to AAU’s success.

He told the staff reporter the exponential growth of research in the university in ten years is enormous. He said, “Giving researchers huge recognition for their works has increased the number of publications from three hundred to a thousand and above annually.”

“Best students carefully recruited join our institution. Competent instructors and qualified professors bring forth prolific learners that yield a tremendous amount of research work for Ethiopia” Matthewos asserted.

Emebet Mulugeta (PhD), Academic Vice President of AAU, said the university trains instructors and lecturers of the newly constructed universities and shares them its massive exposure.

“Our colleges conduct extensive researches and produce many interesting findings that gain international reputations. Many of the research findings are often published in the highest-ranked journals” Emebet noted.

“We often graduate internationally competitive students whose writings could reinforce their claims to international acceptance” She told the staff reporter.

The Academic vice president further said that many of our professors spend a couple of months as visiting professors in some prestigious universities of the world. Emebet said, “So, the sum of hard work and the ones I mentioned above have brought the result.”

Mitikie Molla (PhD), Innovation, Research and Technology Transfer Vice President in AAU, told Office of Ext. Rel.Partnerships & Comm. Staff reporter the university’s great encouragement toward researchers in particular and the budget allocated to their research work are the causes for such sense of achievement.

“We collaboratively work with many famous universities. Usually some of our surveys are the results of joint effort and hence we have become widely known in the world” Mitikie insisted.

Theodros Shewangizaw November 11, 2019

Photograph by Fikremariam Beyene