AAU Annual Research Week-Closing Remarks

The annual Research Week exhibition of Addis Ababa University (AAU) conducted at the main campus from 9th -12th of May 2022, finalized yesterday with closing remarks forwarded by the University’s President, Professor Tassew Weldhanna.

In his closing remarks, the President stated that this year’s celebration of the research, job and book fairs week conducted under theme of “Centres of Excellence as Drivers of Change” got a successful conclusion. It reflected the direction to bring excellence in the University and the progress that AAU demonstrated its ambition, he added.

The ambition of AAU administration and the University community in general is to transform the whole university into a real institution of excellence with social impact both in Ethiopia and across Africa at a continental level, Prof. Tassew said.

According to Prof. Tassew, excellence of the Institution starts with all excellent leaders, researchers, teams, facilities, and excellent operational programs. “The University is working on all these fronts and has the right start but it has a long way to go,” he added.

The first step, as mentioned by Prof Tassew, to ensure that we thrive on the path of excellence is to create the right environment to enable and support automation of our operations in financing, procurement and HR processes.

The other basic point, according to Prof. Tassew, that the University wants to strengthen is the path to social impact by redesigning technology transfer, commercialization, external relations and internal partnerships.

Regarding publication and visibility Prof. Tassew said, “Our ambition is to produce 10,000 research publications per year in the coming ten years and enhance our visibility and impact.”

Mentioning their outstanding dedication in the University’s liking of students with employers by prompting employment for graduates and authors/publishers with readers, Prof. Tassew appreciated Office of Carrier Development Centre, University Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer, and the AAU Press.

Prof. Tassew finally thanked the various vice presidents, directors and their staff members, the University community and stakeholders for their priceless duties they rendered to make the Research Week very productive.

Editor: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa