AAU celebrates March 8

Addis Ababa University celebrated March 8 under the theme “The role of women activists in the eye of historians yesterday and today: the social, cultural, economical and political achievements of women” at a ceremony held at Mandela hall on March 15, 2018.

The event was organized by the AAU Gender office in cooperation with “Siiqqe” scholar club to honor Ethiopian Heroines past and living.

In his opening speech, Academic Vice President of the AAU, Jeilu Oumer (Ph.D.) noted that existing challenges like stereotyping, discrimination and others are hindering women’s equal participation in all aspects of life.

He went on to add that removing these obstacles is one of the targets of March 8.

He pointed out that Addis Ababa University runs female scholarship program to bolster the representation of women among professionals and produce role models for young girls.

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He also underscored the importance of awareness creation through panel discussions and expressed his hope that all units of the university become gender sensitive in their daily activities and work towards achieving gender equality.

Almaz Taffese, Directress of the AAU Gender Office, informed participants that March 8 has been celebrated for over 100 years internationally and this year marks the 42nd year of celebration in Ethiopia.

Almaz extended her gratitude to female activists who fought for women’s rights against gender inequality.

Alelegn Ashagre, Ph.D. candidate from the applied linguistics and communication department delivered a presentation entitled: “Ethiopian women in history: the Critical dialectics.”

Invited guests Meaza Ashenafi, Chairperson of “Enat” bank and founder of the Ethiopian women lawyers association and Emebet Mulugeta (Ph.D.), Associate professor at the AAU School of Psychology, shared their work and life experience with participants.