AAU College of Development Studies, CASCAPE Project has been visited at Siyadeberina Wayu Woreda

On Tuesday 22 October 2019, CASCAPE project, CoDS of AAU has been visited its successful completion Research work at the field taken place at Siyadeberina Wayu Woreda, North Shoa zone.

The project CASCAPE(capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in Agricultural production in Ethiopia) is initiated to support the scaling up best practices in Agriculture to ensure accelerated & sustainable growth through identification, validation, demonstration and scaling up of agricultural technologies and practices .

According to the objective of the project, it has undertaken several on-farm researches in highland growing crops.

As visited in the Siyadebirna Wayu wereda, especially Wheat, is scaling up the production up to 80 quintals per Acer. This is due to the effort of the farmers and the researchers as well.

At the time of the official visit, AAU researchers gave an explanation for the invited guests. Representatives from AAU, Ministry of Agriculture, delegates from different local Universities and higher zone Officials are attended the event.

According to AAU Coordinator of the project, Dr. Abate Mekuriyaw and Country Coordinator, Dr. Eyasu Eliyas, the project will continue and scale up the farmers life and the Nation development as well.

Both coordinators presented their grateful thanks for Wageninen University of Netherlands and its financial donation to the project and for other partners as well.

Zelalem Moges October 25, 2019