AAU College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Graduates 128 Students

Addis Ababa University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture graduated 128 students in different fields of veterinary medicine at Bishoftu campus on Saturday, July 20, 2019. The graduates are expected to serve the needs of the society through safeguarding animal welfare and increasing productivity.

On the day of the commencement, Professor Tassew Weldehanna, president of Addis Ababa University has recommended that enhancing the country’s animal production sector brings a great animal wealth benefit.

Professor Tassew has urged that ensuring animal welfare, one way or another, increases their productivity and bears good service for prolonged periods of time.

Professor Tassew also told the graduates that they are anticipated to avoid the hindrances in the sector and make Ethiopia a leading beneficiary in its abundant animal resources.

“Ethiopia is rich with livestock. It is the leading African country in itsabundantlivestock resource. However,it gains next to nothing from the sector due to the prevalent contagious animal diseases, backward and traditional breeding methods and lack of sustenance. Therefore, you are to be demanded to carry out extensive research and produce significant findings that will bring about compelling results”, he added.

Some of the graduates told the staff reporter that the scientific knowledge acquired from the college will help them a lot to serve the society, increase the productive outputs of animals and boost the livestock sectorat large.

One outstanding female graduate said, “Animal husbandry has not yet been given a serious attention. If efforts are exerted by the government and stakeholders, the sector will play a great role for the country’s development.”



The gold medalist male graduate on his part has pledged that he will work hard for the reduction of animal death through reducing bruising, injuries and dark cutting in beef cattle. “Despite a number of setbacks, I will persist in my research for the best solution in the advancement of the sector”, he insisted.

Dr. Fekru Regassa, dean of college of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture at Bishoftu campus,in his congratulatory message,said thatincreasing awareness among society on animal care and working hand in hand with the medication service are responsibilities of the government and the graduates.

“Many of the transmittable animal diseases can be easily controlled if and only if farmersareacquainted with the skills of preventing the diseases, which is the graduates responsibilities. Graduates ought to conduct a research on the reduction of animal losses for Ethiopia’s potential benefit”, Dr. Fekru remarked.

Theodros Shewangizaw July 23, 2019