AAU commemorates the life and works of President John F. Kennedy

AAU, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, organized a conference on the works and life of President John F. Kennedy at Mandela Hall on June 17, 2017.

Messele Mengisteab (Ph.D.), Dean of Students of Addis Ababa University, delivered a warm welcoming speech to participants of the conference and extended his gratitude to offices of the University and the U.S. Embassy for their roles in organizing the event.

The event was also organized to commemorate JFK’s 100th birthday, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the JFK memorial Library at the Addis Ababa University.

In his speech, the American Charge d’Affaires, Peter Vrooman noted that President Kennedy’s legacy is alive and well here in Ethiopia in the form of the USAID, which he launched with an executive order in 1961 to work to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.

He further stated that today USAID remains a committed partner for development, working in education, health, agriculture and democratic development.


The Charge d’Affaires concluded his speech by quoting President John F. Kennedy’s famous saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

In their discussion, participants of the conference focused on issues like volunteerism, education and youth empowerment.