AAU Community Radio FM 99.4 Expands Operations in Cooperation with Fana Broadcasting Corporate

AAU community radio is serving wider audiences in and around Addis Ababa , following a cooperation agreement for upgrades and operational expansion with  Fana Broadcasting Corporate , the University has announced.

AAU Vice President for Strategic Communication and Internationalization, Dr Samson Mekonnen told local media that the upgrade was undertaken in cooperation with technical staff from Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

The Vice President further said AAU is undertaking a variety of reforms to attain full autonomy and the move to upgrade community radio services is a part of the broad reform agenda of the university.

He said there would be initiatives to raise the profile of the radio station and to assist with revenue generation in line with the university’s drive for financial-self sufficiency.

Following infrastructural improvements, raising the initial wattage of 500 to 2000 watts, the community radio station now has stronger signals and enjoys better reception, which translates to audience growth in more locations.

An increase in the number of hours of broadcasting is scheduled to take full effect as of February when broadcasts will run from 6 am to 9 pm.