AAU Holds 70th Round Students’ Graduation

Addis Ababa University (AAU) graduates 4,087 students, who are able to conclude their courses in different fields of study, returned from COVID-19 break, today, 26th December 2020.

According to the information from the Registrar, 804 students (including specializations) in Postgraduate and 3,283 candidates in Undergraduate programs graduated today, of which (35.5%) are women.

It is known that the University graduated 5,742 students with virtually held commencement on 25th July 2020. Based on this, the AAU 2019/20 graduates’ number totals more than 10,000.

H.E. Sahle Work Zewde, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, forwarded her congratulatory remarks as follows:

“Never forget, Ethiopia is your only country where you cannot negotiate at any cost. You represent and advocate for her in international stages. It is a country of your pride and hope.

Today, our country is facing many challenges. We need to work together to solve these problems because they are focused on our unity, sovereignty, coexistence and existence as a nation. There is no greater privilege than living in life, and we must pay attention to it.

There is nothing that allows people to lose their lives in a horrible way because of their identity, race, religion, …

Be very careful as you begin your new chapter in life. In any case, we must get rid of the scars left by history. We look forward to hearing from you.  It is impossible to kill innocent people, to make them suffer, to displace, to wander, to embarrass, to massacre, to leave their warm homes and spend the night in the wild. Newly enrolled students should learn from the past lessons not to repeat the evil ones, rather argue, learn, and support each other, but should not endanger the lives of your brothers and sisters; you also need to make your university the source of new and important discoveries.”

Professor Tassew Weldehanna, President of AAU, reportedly said this year’s graduation accomplishment is unique as it is achieved alongside of protecting COVID-19 and fighting national security risks which have imposed psychological insecurity on the graduates and the society at large.

AAU has focused on developing modern ICT system in order to resume the teaching-learning process through electronic platforms using online medias like E-mail, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and others by which lecturers and advisors communicate with their students and share course materials, lecture notes and comments, Prof Tassew further intensified.

Considering the national protection mechanism of Corona pandemic, AAU firstly readmitted graduating classes of undergraduate students almost two months ahead of the rest so as to help them graduate concluding their remained courses, conducting face to face and online classes, Prof Tassew stated.

According to Prof Tassew, AAU has been engaged in health and consultancy services, conducting different trainings, funding charitable donations, delivering quarantine services in its seven campuses and other supportive activities via its Community Service Programs.

AAU has allocated about 60 million Birr from its capital budget and external grand support to carry research on COVID-19 which may help to find solutions to eradicate the pandemic, and established membership with the Global Research Team working to find medicine and vaccination for the virus, said Prof Tassew.

Professor Tassew stated that AAU has been contributing consultancy services via its assigned team and helping its scholars to conduct research and participate in discussions on the overall issues of the matter so that Ethiopia could build GERD with strong passion withstanding internal and external influences.

Professor Tassew finally said, “Dear graduates; today beyond any other days, I advise you to promise for yourselves to stand with great determination for our country’s peace and unity, shoulder your national responsibilities expected from you and collaborate with our people and government to fight various challenges instigated by COVID-19 and security challenges; also I believe that you will.”

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene