AAU Holds a Panel Discussion on Nations and Nationalities Day

Addis Ababa University (AAU) held a panel discussion on the 18th year anniversary of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day where a number of scholars and students of the University as well as invited guests found at the historic Ras Mekonnen Hall of AAU on the 28th of November 2023.

The Panel Discussion was conducted under the theme of “Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities Day to Multinational Unity, National Understanding, Collective Truth, Peace and Development”.

The purpose of the Discussion was to memorize the 8th of December 1995 known as ‘Hidar Haya Zet’egn’, which means ‘November Twenty Nine’ in the official language, Amharic, that officially started celebrating on December 8, 2005.

This celebration was the commemoration of the Ethiopian people ultimate triumph against the repressive and oppressive regimes that had deprived them of their rights in their own nation. The Day on which the rights and the equality of the Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples, were fully restored and guaranteed pinpointing under the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, FDRE.

Memorizing the ratification of the FDRE constitution intends to affirm economic and political affinity and equal rights of the “Nations of Ethiopia” by culture and language with harmony and tolerance ensuring human and democratic rights, and mutual cooperation to safeguard and confirm their common interests. In this case, the Day has been celebrated on the 8th December for the last 17 years.

Abdurazaq Mohammed (PhD), Vice President of Administration and Student Services at AAU, in his opening speech said that the panel discussion will help scholars accept that diversity is a reality for our country and come up with constructive ideas that promote unity instead of division.

According to Dr. Abdurazaq, this kind of panel discussion will be of great help in correcting the distorted narratives of equality and common life guaranteed by the constitution for national unity, national understanding, public truth, peace and development.

The panel discussion was demonstrated by three scholars of the University, Alemayehu Teklemariam (PhD) and Zelalem Tefera (PhD) as panelists and Mesele Mengisteab (PhD) from Department of Social Work as a moderator of the discussion.

The panelists mutually emphasized that collective truth is the base for common understanding of the people to withstand and demining false narratives that have been deliberately created and disseminated by irresponsible political actors amplifying differences and provoking aggressions among ethnicities, and disregarding some common national emblems.

Shibru Temesgen (PhD), Dean of Students of AAU, in his closing remarks, appreciated the panelists, participants and the Office of Strategic Communication and Internationalization of the University for colorfully facilitated the event demonstrating cooperative efforts.

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene

Editor: Abraham Girmay