AAU Holds a Workshop on Women’s Excellence Day

Addis Ababa University Office of Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate held Women’s Excellence Day Workshop with a theme of “Leadership and Success: Experience Sharing” at Sarem International Hotel on March 31, 2021.

Mrs. Matebie Tarekegn, Director of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, in her welcoming speech said, “As we take this special day seriously, we are considering that our exemplary women are making golden contributions to the leadership, research and education sector for our country.”

“Scholars who have played significant roles in setting the example for the younger generation, need to empower women in all fields of work and education as well as to conduct in-depth research on a variety of topics,” Matebie stressed.

Professor Yeweynhareg Feleke, from College of Health Sciences Internal Medicine, in her presentation entitled: “Women and leadership; Women’s contributions in Health: (Academic, research, patient care…etc.)” addressed that female doctors graduated from College of Health Sciences are proving their leadership skills in the field of medicine.

Professor Brook Lemma, SIDA Projects Coordination Office (SPCO) Coordinator at AAU, said that Many African and international women who have excelled in many leadership and senior positions have proven that women’s leadership skills are unquestionable.

Professor Brook further said, “I would like to say that we have many beloved and respected sisters who are serving our country with great leadership. We have a lot of women who have made and are working on the history of their leadership skills, both in ancient times and in modern times.”

“Our mothers with high leadership skills are our rare role models who drove the invading forces together with men during the Italian occupation of Ethiopia,” SPCO Coordinator remarked.

Emebet Mulugeta (PhD), Academic Vice President at Addis Ababa University, as she is sharing her success experience for the female audience, she emphasized that women can achieve better leadership skills if they are determined to do so.

By: Theodros Shewangizaw

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abraham Girmay