AAU Holds Discussion on Performance Report and the New FY Plan

Addis Ababa University (AAU) held a one day discussion on the performance repot of the previous Fiscal Year’s (2013 E.C.) overall activities and the next (2014 E.C.) budget year plan at College of Business and Economics main hall on the 8th of July 2021.

Different colleges, institutes and central administration of the University presented their activities they performed throughout the previous Fiscal Year (FY) and the next plan they are intending to act on.

According to the report, AAU has implemented most of its planned activities successfully withstanding COVID-19 hindrances and used 95.9 percent of the allocated budget; it was also mentioned that the University has increased its budget by 5 percent over the previous one.

Professor Tassew Weldehanna, President of AAU, summarized the presentation and the discussion activities of the meeting focused on the basic points.

 According to Prof Tassew, the University is almost certain to get self authorization expected to be happen on the next parliamentary session. As the authorization will have its own opportunities and a challenge, every one of the staff has to be ready to work harder than before, he added.

“After getting the authorization, we need to use our budget wisely and strive for the best; all our activities and materials we use should be focused and based on testable quality,” Prof Tassew stressed.

The recruitment of teachers should not be a question throughout the year; it should be limited to once in a fiscal year (to be completed within the first month of the FY), i.e. by Hamle (July) 30 from now on; teachers’ promotion on the other hand, will be done based on the new policy of MoSHE, Prof Tassew stated.

As mentioned by Prof Tassew, with the exception of health and computer science students, the AAU intends to accept students based on their own preferences and all undergraduate programs must have a mandatory internship schedule.

According to the AAU Senate Legislation, revised three years ago, a staff member must publish at least one study every two years; a PhD student two articles and an MA/MSc student one article throughout their stay in the university, Prof Tassew said.

Information from Prof Tassew indicated that this year’s graduation will be carried on Meskerem (September) 30, 2014 E.C.; the University will try to give temporaries for graduates who complete early to help their competitive opportunity for jobs.

Although AAU is currently in the forefront of research publication in the globally recognized journals in East Africa, the competition even at home is fierce and it needs to work harder, Prof Tassew indicated.

Prof Tassew recommended colleges and institutes of the University to plan their activities under the scope of the budget allocated to them as much as possible; failure to submit a report in time, on the other had is a recurring problem that needs to be corrected.

AAU strives to work more on the focus of women’s development to widen their participation in all endeavours of the University; Day Care is one of these to be practiced in the next budget year.

As Prof Tassew finally stated, 2nd and 3rd year regular students are intended to take a break to enable the University receive more than 4,000 summer program students; there is also a national obligation to accept some first-year students who have been assigned to universities in the Tigray region and may not need dormitory service in AAU.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa