AAU holds the First Artificial Intelligence Conference (AIC) in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa University Office of Industry linkage and Technology transfer in collaboration with Wolita Sodo University, Ethiopian Education and Research Network- Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Association of Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Ethiopian Biotechnology institute, Swedish International Development Agency and Qene Technologies organized the 1st Annual Artificial Intelligence Conference (AIC) in Ethiopia from October 28 to October 30, 2019, 2019 at AAIT- Amist Kilo campus.

The aim of the conference is to coordinate and consolidate all Ethiopian researchers and Scientists working in the areas of Artificial Intelligence in the fields of agriculture, health and education.

Professor Tassew Woldehanna, President of Addis Ababa University, on his welcoming remark said that, Ethiopia is currently engaged in a highly ambitious effort to re-align its higher education system in more direction support of its national strategy for economic growth, poverty reduction and development.

‘’We universities, if we aim to be in the forefront, need to adapt to the ever changing world of technology.  Technology is engulfing all facets of our life. We have to embrace the future in a systematic and intensive manner so that we could not only be relevant but also compete globally. Our students have already embedded themselves in a digital world and are hyper-connected. Our job is to provide them the required platform so that they could become technological leaders utilizing it for social good’’ Professor Tassew said.

“This scientific conference on Artificial Intelligence is the first of its type in Ethiopia. The main focus of this event is creating awareness among all stakeholders on the potential of AI based techniques to solve the complex challenges the country faces in different areas. In addition, this conference aims to bring the dispersed talents and resources so as to coordinate their efforts in national development and to breed innovation. In doing so, different stakeholders including industries, higher education institutions, researchers and students will benefit from the collaborations that will be established” Professor Tasew added.

Mesfin Bibiso (PhD), Vice president of research and community service affairs of Wolaita Sodo University, on his speech noted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is highly applied for the development of a country in the application for agriculture, education, health and others.

 In line with this, Mesfin said the purpose of the conference is to share knowledge, skill and expertise among scholars and researchers nationally and globally on issues related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On the conference, different scholars and researchers presented their research findings on issues related to Artificial Intelligence. And also different University representatives from Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia attend the three days conference.

Netsanet Merete, November 1, 2019