AAU hosted WaSo (Water and Society) Project


Addis Ababa University hosted WaSo (Water and Society) Project at the Eshetu Chole Hall of its College of Business and Economics on November 16, 2017.

Coordinated by the Department of Political Science and International Relations, the WaSo AAU Project drew participants from the University as well as Waso joint Asia-Africa meeting participants from seven countries.

In his opening speech, Academic Vice President and President Delegate of the AAU, Jeilu Oumer (Ph.D.) pointed out that such an international seminar on water and society touches a wide scope of disciplines as it has social, political and economic dimensions. He went on to explain that the project on water and society crosscuts the social sciences, humanities, engineering and the natural sciences.

Coordinator of WaSo AAU, Yocob Arsano (Ph.D.) from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, said that the project brought together 11 Universities from Asia, Africa and Norway. These, he pointed out, included renowned Universities from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Norway.


He further remarked that the opportunity helped refresh longstanding partnerships with the sisterly and neighboring Universities in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.

The seminar entertained various plenary and group discussions on papers presented by scholars on issues related to the themes.

It also deliberated on how to further strengthen the project through collaborative partnership and promoting solutions for grand Challenges with regard to Water and Society.