AAU, International University of Africa (IUA) Discuss upon possible Collaborations

Addis Ababa University and International University of Africa delegates have discussed on possible collaborations on the area of Arabic Language, Afan Oromo and Amharic Language, at the vice president office on Thursday October 17, 2019.

Dr. Emebet Mulugeta, Vice President for Academic Affairs, on her welcoming speech appreciated the International University of Africa for showing interest to be a partner.

On her speech, she mentioned that the International University of Africa has shown interest for having students from various countries mostly from Africa. “This internalization activity is supported by AAU which strengthens Pan Africanism.” Emebet stated.

Professor Kemal Obijed, President of African International University, noted on his speech that African International University is in Khartoum-Sudan and it is of International standard. Its 75% of the students are from different African countries and the remaining 25% are from other non-African countries.

According to Professor Kemal Eighty three different nations’ students are attending their education at IUA in its 22 Colleges. He said that in IUA the classes are given mostly in Arabic and in English language “We do also like to collaborate, , with AAU not only with language studies but also with Agriculture, Veterinary medicine and other matters such as staff student exchange, research engagements and scholarship opportunities” he added.

In his final speech he promised the Arabic language graduating students to stay at IUA as it is vital to develop the students’ communicative skills and invited the Universities higher officials to Visit IUA.

Dr Amanuel Alemayehu, Dean of College of Humanities, Language Studies and Journalism and Communications, explained briefly about the purpose of the visit of Professor Kamal and stated that prior discussion was made with IUA at Khartoum- Sudan and the current visit is to strengthen the point agreed during the last discussion and to broaden the collaboration.

Some of the agreements reached during the discussion at Khartoum were to strengthen Arabic language at AAU and launch the Amharic and Afan Oromo studies at International University of Africa. Arabic language Program in AAU has more than seven hundred students in its regular and extension programs.  It also agreed to collaborate on research, students and staff exchange. One of the key points in the discussion at Khartoum was to send graduate class of Arabic language students for one semester to enrich their communication language skills. Dr. Mulugeta Negasa, Head Department of Afan Oromo Literature and Folklore appreciated Professor Kemal for his visit and showed interest to launch Afan Oromo at IUA.

Mr. Mohammad, founder and the current program coordinator of Arabic language at DFLL, also briefed the history of the Arabic language teaching at AAU. By indicating the Arabic language  teaching at AAU started as a unit twelve years ago, now it has more than seven hundred students in its different programs and  has plan to grow to MA level.

Etsubdink Biru October 24, 2019