AAU issues its audit finding

Addis Ababa University announces its minor audit finding on November 14, 2019 at Senate hall.

Professor Tasew Weldehanna, Addis Ababa University President, in his address said AAU has exerted all of its effort to improve the existed financial problems since the previous years.

He said AAU has toiled for years to get qualified opinion of significance on its financial management and the university is operating to ensure greater transparency and accountability with maximum effort.

“With the high interest of Addis Ababa University’s Management requisition, the finance has been audited by the Office of the Federal Auditor General Ethiopia—OFAG since 2007 Ethiopian calendar” Tasew said.

He told the media members that the audit report of the 2010 E.C. budget year had no basic problems.

“On the bases of the Federal Auditor General’s professional comment, AAU management has taken a serious action and received a payout of 731 thousand birr which was illegally paid” AAU president revealed.

“We have imposed bans on generous payments, irrelevant loans, various additional committee payments, prize money, unfair increments and illegal counterfeits with no legal grounds” The professor of economics said.

“Addis Ababa University is sometimes receive “Disclaimer Opinion” audit finding from the Federal Auditor General. Simply this indicates a way the author excuses him/herself from issued professional opinion” Tasew said.

The professor of economics further said that the university has not yet received adverse opinions in which the auditor determined financial reporting of AAU is at odds.

Tasew explained that adverse financial opinions will have serious consequences for institutions which range from rejection of the reports to assignment of institutional responsibility. He told the media group that by taking strict administrative measures, AAU hasn’t yet faced a crisis.

He said that Addis Ababa University has never encountered to such harmful level of situation.

Tasew added that the university hasn’t ever made a grave financial mistake reported by the Federal Auditor General so far.

Dr.Matthewos Ensermu, Administration and Student Service Vice President, on his part said, the university’s financial work is on high-tech in which the so-called “IFMIS” – Integrated Financial Management Information System has been implemented.

According to the vice president, since IFMS implementation task began, the university’s financial system has become efficient and productive.

Government and Non-Government media attended the press release.

Theodros Shewangizaw November 18, 2019

Photograph by Fikremariam Beyene