AAU, Ministry of Peace Commemorate Peace Day

Addis Ababa University students’ peace club and Ministry of Peace collaboratively organized an event to commemorate peace day with the theme “Peace, Love and Unity for our country” on Saturday, 8th June, 2019 at Mandela hall.

Dr. Fasil Nigussie, dean of students of Addis Ababa University welcomed the attendants and expressed his special gratitude for their participation in the celebration of peace.

In his speech, Dr. Fasil emphasized on the importance of celebrating peace day all over the world. “One crucial point is to solve wide discrepancies and clashes among people without disputes in peaceful assemblies. Secondly, people who have paid sacrifices and lost their lives for the promotion of peace and stability should be given special recognitions and appreciation for what they have done”, he noted.

Ato Wendwosen Mekonnen, chief director of peace promotion and development at the Federal Ministry of Peace, in his part said, “Ethiopia is one of the many countries that accommodate themselves to diversity in culture, civilization and way of life”.

Gradually, Wendwosen asserted, this beautiful way of life is being eroded and innocent civilians and children are being victimized. “Hence, the new administration confronted the dangers. It is high time to do away with the threats and make stability real. So, everyone must play a significant role in strengthening peace”, he exclaimed.

Dr. Mesele Mengsteab presented a paper titled “Cultural capital and peaceful coexistence in education setting” to students of Addis Ababa University as part of the celebration.

Guests of honor were from South Korea, Jinjoo Jo, regional manager of Heavenly Culture, World peace, and Restoration of Light, and Esther Kim, International Women’s Peace Group Ethiopia Coordinator.

Jinjoo Jo introduced that her international organization is working on peace and stability nation-wide on discriminations of all forms that include race, ethnicity, nationality and color. She further stated that her organization works to bring about sustainable peace without being limited to boundaries.

Jinjoo also presented Mr. Lee’s peace message to the participants. “He was a front-line soldier during the Korean war in 1950. Mr. Lee is a key person in the process of maintaining peace among the young people in particular. Therefore, he is considered as the father of the youth”, she noted.

During the event, prospective graduates of theatrical arts presented a play with a core message of unity and cooperation between citizens.