AAU serves as a Quarantine center in liaison with its Academic mission

Mathewos Ensermu (PhD), Vice President for Administration and Student Services, said Addis Ababa University (AAU) remains operational and dedicated to ensuring both the administrative and academic missions in this challenging time.

“The university is working diligently with the government, Ministry of Peace and Ethiopian Public Health Institute to minimize the risks from COVID-19.”

He said that AAU has been one of the quarantine centers of the country and hosted around 2000 citizens that have deported from the Middle East and other travellers from elsewhere.

Mathewos added that having acknowledged and understood the natural fears and feelings of COVID-19 outbreak, AAU creates a conducive environment to respect the quarantined citizens’ autonomy.

“The Ministry of Peace has primarily taken the statutory duty of offering health care facilities such as face masks, handgloves etc. to the citizens at AAU compound,” he said.

Mathewos told the staff reporter that AAU’s Leadership is at the top which is in charge of coordinating certain facilities to the external concerned bodies.

“Ministry of health, Ministry of Peace and Ministry of Science and Higher education are on the front line of caring the quarantined citizens at AAU.”

“I partially believe that AAU has done what needs to be done to make the place safe and make the people in quarantine feel free as if they are in their homes.”

Matheos (PhD) wishes that Ethiopia will again be a safer place for residence very soon.

“I hope we will be resilient enough to recover back from COVID-19 Pandemic. We’re working hard and brings best recovery results,” Mathewos aspired.

Theodros Shewangizaw May 27, 2020

Photographs by Fikremariam Beyene