AAU Sets up Forum for Road Safety Reform

Addis Ababa University ‘s AIT, in cooperation with the Ethiopian Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service , today held an event that culminated in the launching of an AAU Road Safety Reform .

Various studies on road traffic safety were presented during the event ahead of the formal creation of the forum.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of AIT, Dr Bikila Teklu, disclosed that the Institute is involved in a variety of road traffic safety projects , adding the new forum will further boost intersectional cooperation in the area of traffic safety.

It was further indicated that the new forum will help mitigate the carnage on the roads and lessons from the Addis Ababa experience would be shared among regional cities and towns, where traffic safety continues to be a major concern .

Present at the event, in addition to the AIT Chief Executive Officer, were officials of the Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service, Addis Ababa City Bureau of Transport , and the Addis Ababa Traffic Management Bureau.