AAU Special Needs Support Center (SNSC) inaugurates “Inclusive Support Shop”, graduates students in sign language

Addis Ababa University Special Needs Support Center (SNSC) inaugurates charity shop in collaboration with Unilever Ethiopia; and also the center graduates 19 students in sign language from Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on November 08, 2019 at the main campus.

Yirgashewa Bekele (PhD), Director for Special Needs Support Center, on her welcoming speech said that, Addis Ababa University Special Needs Support Center currently providing a vital service for more than 400 hundred disabled students.

‘’On this year for the first time our University starts to give a Jawish support computer training for Freshman visually impaired students and also a sign language training for those students who have a sign language problem starting from the end of this week’’ Dr. Yirgashewa said.

Dr. Yirgashewa further said, “In addition to our two activities, in this year our University has received students with psychiatric disorders who need support and intensive care.”

W/ro Meseret Mamo, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, women’s and children Commission Commissioner, on her speech noted that sign language is a right for those people who have listening problems; in addition, Meseret said service providing organizations have obligations to provide and speak a sign language for such customers.

 ‘’Hence, like other organizations, the commission has the moral obligation to execute the task. That’s is why we train our staff coming from 8 branches throughout the country’’ w/ro Meseret said.

W/ro Meseret warmly thanked Addis Ababa University Special needs support center in particular for their kindness and collaboration for the training.

Mr. Tim Klienebenine, Managing Director of Unilever Ethiopia, on his part said that the main objective of opening of the shop is to provide a Unilever products with affordable price for Addis Ababa University students and staffs and also all the annual profits from the sale go to the special needs support center for the support of students with disabilities.

“We will also work with you, so if it is possible to offer the respective departments to develop case studies with us and to give practical experience of the real work life which are going to be explored after you finish your studies’’ Mr. Tim said.

Netsanet Merete November 11, 2019

Photograph by: Fikremariam Beyene