AAU, SUNFARMING FOOD and ENERGY (SFFE) Discuss Issues upon ongoing partnerships

Addis Ababa University and SUNFARMING FOOD and ENERGY have discussed ongoing partnerships for the expansion of food and energy production at the president office on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Professor Tasew Weldehanna, Addis Ababa University President, warmly welcomed the members of SUNFARMING FOOD and ENERGY’s joint partnership request and briefed them about the University.

In his explanation, Tasew told the chairperson of SFFE that there is a possible access of having a plot of land in AAU, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture to develop an agro-solar structure for greenhouses.

Peter Schrum, Chief Executive Officer of SFFE, said SUNFARMING FOOD and ENERGY is a German based company currently working in North-West University of South Africa that strives for best results in the productions of food and energy.

In his speech, Mr. Peter Schrum, emphasized the importance of a co-operative partnership. “SUNFARMING sees its task to improve the newest PV-technology and know-how in technic and finance. We’re convinced that mutual and sustainable cooperation is a win-win situation for all partners. Capacity Building is the key for a successful partnership.”

The chairperson said, ‘’Your Roof Your Energy. Increase your independence from your energy supplier through our direct electricity concept. SUNFARMING invests and installs solar power systems on your roofs or nearby field. You are partially powered with solar power and up to 10% cheaper than utility.”

Theodros Shewangizaw
(Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications)