AAU undertakes deliverology implementation review

The Addis Ababa University reviewed progress of deliverology implementation in its meeting held on 6/6/2018 at Eshetu Chole Hall. Deans and directors of all respective colleges and institutes briefed progress of the implementation.

The intention of implementing this approach, deliverology, is to create clear accountability, bring improvement and enhance excellence in academy.

Focus areas of the review includes teachers’ and students’ assessment mechanism, higher education diploma program, English language improvement program for teachers and students, career development services, trace studies and internships. Challenges faced in adopting deliverology were also part of the review. Unable to reach all graduates on tracer study, internships and teacher assessment were raised as challenges.

As part of its endeavor to offer quality education, produce competent graduates and increase employability, the university set strategies to fully implement deliverology, an approach to managing reform initiative, to achieve effective teaching, effective learning and high quality jobs.