AAU undertakes university wide panel discussion

The Addis Ababa University ran university wide panel discussions on various issues from September 18-22, 2017 at each respective campus.

The panel discussions featured presentations on issues pertinent to customer service, education quality, good governance, and capacity building followed by interactive discussions with the whole university community.

The main objective of the panel discussion was to identify challenges that pose obstacles to good governance and quality education.

During the panel discussion, University staff members agreed upon deductions from their September salaries to provide close to 2.8 million birr for people displaced from their homes due to the conflict on the border between the Somali and Oromia Regional States.

Accordingly, the academic and administrative staff vowed to offer 5% and 3% of their salaries respectively to raise a total of 2,784,099.21 birr.

The money will reportedly be handed out to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission within days.

Participants acknowledged the university’s initiative to run such open dialogue and discussion on issues pertaining to the university’s business. They further emphasized that such platforms should be sustained as they will have immense value to make the university more effective and productive.


Matios Ensermu (Ph.D.), Vice President for Administration and Student Services, underscored that the university works hard to ensure the relevance and quality of education at all levels.

He also pledged that the university management will do its level best for the betterment of teaching, learning, research and provision of community services.

The Addis Ababa University plans to become among the top ten preeminent universities and research centers in Africa by 2025.