AAU’s Four Decades Long Serving Scholar Wins Good Man Award 2020

Yacob Arsano (PhD), a Political Science and International Relations scholar who has served in Addis Ababa University for forty years has won the 8th annual ‘Bego Sew Shilimat-2012’ /Good Man Award-2020/ held at Inter Continental Addis International Hotel on 6th September 2020.

The annual Good Man Award was founded by the prominent author Diakon Daniel Kibret which aims to honour individuals and institutions that have made great contribution to the nation building and social wellbeing efforts underway in Ethiopia.

As stated at the event, Dr. Yacob Arsano has served AAU as a Dean for College of Social Sciences, Director of AAU Press, Chairman of Department of Political Science & International Relations,    member for AAU Senate and Senate Executive Committee, Senate Committee on Academic Standards and Curriculum Review, Council for Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources and AAU Research Council, Academic Commission of College of Social Sciences and Graduate School of Journalism & Communication, etc.

Advisor to the Ethiopian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Water, Irrigation and Energy on trans-boundary water negotiations; member and vice chair of National Panel of Experts for GERD, member of National Council for Public Support Coordination for GERD, chairman of Scientific Advisory Board for North-South Research in the Horn of Africa, member of International Water History Association, Ethiopian public diplomacy group, Wachamo University and Catholic University trustees boards, etc. are the basic national community services that Dr. Yacob has been dedicated, as noted during the occasion.

Dr. Yacob Arsano is well known for his generously sharing expertise views to both national and international media on water politics.  His speeches, articles, interviews and research outlets broadcasted on BBC, Aljazeera, Douche Wale, New York Times, and others.

Besides to his willingness to share his experiences on the broadcast media, Dr. Yacob uploads his articles including his PhD dissertation on the Internet for free use so as to clear facts on the Nile and other Trans boundary river waters. He also sent his PhD dissertation copies to Egypt and the Sudan for free.

Dr. Yacob Arsano is one of Ethiopia’s prominent and over shining scholar diplomats; represented his country on several international negotiations; known for winning of debates on the Nile.

All these and several untold forty years long dedications made Dr. Yacob Arsano to become one of the winners of the 8th round annual Good Man Award-2020.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Social Media