Addis Ababa University, SIDA signed an Agreement

Horn of Africa Environmental Sustainability and Resilience Center (HoAREC)  of Addis Ababa University and Sewdish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)  jointly signed project fund agreement on Sept.27, 2019 at Gullele Botanical Garden.

 Dr. Mekuria Argaw, Director of HoAREC , on his welcoming speech explained that Research is an important component  of the project which  involves eight Universities in the region. And Asmara University is one of these that is to be provided support for MSc, PhD and staff research.

 Dr. Mekuria said SIDA funded 236 million birr for the project.  He also said it is a very special project “it opens a new opportunity for HoAREC for continued partnership with SIDA’s regional and co-implement the project action, there by fostering cooperation and collaboration, sub-Saharan program, strengthen our regional network together and strengthen our operational capacity and efficiency at regional level” he noted.

Dr. Abebe Getahun, Member of Board Directors of HoAREC, on his opening speech noted that the project is timely for HoAREC and aimed to enhance environmental sustainability and resilience through research, policy and development as a get way to promote best natural resource management, conservation of biodiversity and regional integration of peace and stability in the horn countries.

He also said that the unprecedented wild life crises and ecosystem degradation are the major problems in the horn of Africa.He further explained that the tragic loss of irreplaceable global heritage desperately required for the lively hood of community loss of vital ecological services and collapse of wild life migration network.

Ms. Ulla Andren, Head of Regional Development Cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa, in her closing remark said that the Swedish Embassy has worked with HOAREC on bilateral programs but it is the first regional program to notice. lots of challenges in regional cross border programs particularly in the field of environment, climate and biodiversity.

 Professor Tassew Woldehanna, President of Addis Ababa University, in his closing remark also noted that the agreement signed is very important agreement because it is based on research and community engagement works. “This project is important for us for capacity building program where it supports our MSc and PhD programs that facilitates our graduate programs; and it is dealing in conserving nature to protect our environment for the better life not only for Ethiopians but it is also for neighboring countries.  Also the project is not only dealing with Ethiopians’ joint conservation of nature, but also joint support of people’s lively hood that will bring joint peace and prosperity for neighboring countries.  With this reason I fully support this project with all effort possible.” Tasew expressed.

‘’SIDA has been working with AAU for more than forty years and our graduate program reached this level with the support of SIDA.  The teaching programs of most of our universities are supported by AAU graduate program. We train all of their staff for post-graduate program by the support and contribution of SIDA; “what is expected from us is working with project as per the proposal.” Professor Tassew said.

Etsubdink Biru October 8 , 2019