Addis Ababa University to Host its Annual Research Week

It is known that the main goal of Addis Ababa University (AAU), the oldest and most prestigious among Ethiopia’s higher institutions, is to achieve successful teaching-learning activities, run scientific research duties and delivering community services.

As one of the main objectives of the University is to focus on research work for the development of the country, it is going to conduct a four-day research week including job and book fairs at the Nelson Mandela Hall from next Monday to Thursday (09th to 12th of May 2022) beginning from 8: 30 a.m.

The exhibition will be attended by Honourable Ministers and senior government officials, the University Board of Trustees, the President of the University, University Principals, Students’ Representatives, Teachers and Administrators as well as invited stakeholders.

Addis Ababa University has completed its preparations to successfully carry out the program at all levels of its research institutions and colleges.

This week’s Research and Books Exhibition will feature the University’s Research Outcomes and Technology Innovation Exhibitions, Job Opportunities and Other Important Book Fair Scenes.

A panel discussion will be held in this week with senior World Bank officials, high-profile professionals and university professors in the presence of government officials and the university president as well as various stakeholders.

General research institutes and colleges will celebrate the Research Week in their respective contexts and present their scientific findings in their respective fields.

On the closing day of the program, researchers who have achieved outstanding results in their research papers will receive certificates, and organizations as well as committee members who have supported the research week will be given recognition.

Reporter: Tewodros Shewangizaw

Editor: Abraham Girmay