Book Project and Ethiopian Journal of women in Academia launched


The Women’s Strategic Development Center (WSDC) and the Institute of Educational Research (IER) of the Addis Ababa University launched Book Project and the Ethiopian Journal of Women in Academia (EJWA) at a ceremony held on December 2, 2017 at the College of Business and Economics Hall.

In attendance were government officials and high profile personalities from various universities of the country.

The book project aims at generating knowledge about the economic, social, political and cultural situation of Ethiopian women while the EJWA targets publishing and disseminating research outcomes of Ethiopian women in academia across all disciplines.

Jeilu Oumer (Ph.D.), A/President and Academic Vice President of the AAU, disclosed that despite improvement during the last two/three decades, access to higher education remains a problem for women in many countries. He went on to explain that only 27.3% of women reach tertiary level in developing countries.

“Poor access to Higher Education Institutions (HEI) is accompanied by under representation of women in science and technology and their clustering in the traditional female studies of art, humanities, languages, education, nursing and medicine,” said Jeilu (Ph.D.).

The A/President remarked that special initiatives to improve the status of women in HEI should be in place including legislative and infrastructure support, increasing the quality and quantity of women post graduate students through scholarship, gender equity policy and better gender balance in HEI.


Jeilu (Ph.D.) also called for cooperation among universities, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, private organizations, development partners and other stakeholders to support efforts undertaken towards the promotion of women in academics, research, leadership and management.

“Ethiopia is marching forward in democracy and development but women are still not treated with the recognition they deserve for their contribution in this process.  The participation of women in research, teaching and leadership in higher education institution is still poor. Economic development efforts to combat poverty can only succeed if women are part of the solution and doing so yields a double dividend,” said the Former Minister of Education Ambassador Dr Genet Zewde.

The full day event included various activities including presentation, general discussion, ways forward and a documentary film.

In August 2017, WSDC and IER signed an agreement to work together on three major projects: Book Project, Ethiopian Journal of Women in Academia and Capacity Building project.