Call for Abstracts (International Conference)

International Conference: 19-20 April 2019 at Addis Ababa University
“Holocene Climates and Environments:
Culture and Adaptation in the Horn of Africa”

Call for Abstracts
The Horn of Africa is located on the western flank of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean and connects Africa with Europe and Asia. Because of this unique geographical setting, the Horn has served as a crossroads for the diffusion of different cultures. The highland areas of the Horn of Africa were settled by Nilotic, Semitic, and Cushitic migrants during the Holocene who have come from the Nile Valley, the Southern Red Sea and the present day Southern Sudan respectively. These populations were largely pastoralists whose adaptations to the new highland climates and environments included cultural advances in animal and plant domestication that in turn has laid down the foundation for the formation of the earliest complex societies in the highlands of the Northern Horn during the second millennium BC. Understanding such dramatic changes in the cultural history of the Horn, and the Northern Horn in particular, clearly requires detailed study on its ancient environments and the role of climate change in the process.

Although many of the research activities that address questions of environmental and cultural evolution in the Horn of Africa are still in their infancy, we believe that there is adequate information for a scientific conference to build on what is already available and to map out future directions for understanding the role that the landscape, vegetation, and climate played on the cultural history of the region. This platform will bring together scientists from various disciplines to critically elicit the next set of research questions.

To this end, the Paleoanthropology and Paleoenvironment Program of Addis Ababa University in collaboration with Aksum University are organizing an international conference, “Holocene Climates and Environments:
Culture and Adaptation in the Horn of Africa” on 19-20 April 2019 at Addis Ababa University. The focus is on the Holocene of the Horn and thematic issues include:
• Climates and climate change
• Environmental reconstructions
• Domestication of plants and animals
• Culture and adaptation

We invite all interested individuals to submit an abstract by 2 December 2018 via e-mail to the conference organizers: Mulugeta Feseha: OR Tekie Fiseha:

Mulugeta Feseha, PhD
Associate Professor
Paleoanthropology and Paleoenvironment
College of Natural Sciences
Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia