Call For Competition

To: All Staff of Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building & Construction (EiABC)

From: President Office 

Addis Ababa University is seeking to select and appoint Directors to the following positions from AAU staff members using AAU appointment guideline approved by the Senate on 16th April 2018.


Type of The Offices and Positions


Deputy Scientific Director for EiABC


Director of Graduate programs for EiABC


Director of Undergraduate Programs for EiABC


Director of Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement for EiABC


Director of Research and Technology Transfer for EiABC

To this effect, the University invites interested staff members to apply for the above advertised positions and submit your Curriculum Vitae and application letter with the required relevant credentials to Kidist Teshome, Office of the President, within 10 consecutive working days of this announcement.

  1. Required Qualification

A minimum of MA/MSc holder in relevant field to the position(s) and a minimum rank of Assistant Professor, preferably with PhD

  1. Term of Office

He/ She shall hold office for a period of 3 years with possibility of reappointment.

  1. Eligibility
    1. Full-time, Senior academic staff or professor (but must not be retired, must not be enrolled as a student’s, not be a part-time employee);
    2. Served the University at least five years and above;
    3. Satisfies the required competence and qualification;
    4. Has no ethical charges, disciplinary measures, etc;
    5. All required documentation and technical requirements of the selection and appointment process must be in order;
  1. Skill, Ability and Behavioral Competence

The candidate should demonstrate, among others, the following competencies;

  1. Willingness, readiness, and commitment to support the intended change of the University from status quo;
  2. Demonstrated leadership ability;
  3. Self-initiated, team-spirited and high ethical standard;
  4. Good interpersonal communication;
  5. Firm belief in equality of gender, ethnicity, diversity and multiculturalism, transparent and participatory leadership and management.


  • An applicant can submit for only two positions

In your application letter, please clearly indicate for which position you are applying and attaché supporting documents.