Call for Competition

To:                 All interested staff

From:             President Office

Addis Ababa University is seeking to select and Appoint Directors and Dean from its staff members for the following Positions.

  1. Director for Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Center and Network,
  2. Director for Institute for Peace and Security Studies,
  3. Dean for College of Law and Governance Studies,
  4. Director for External Relation, Partnership and communication,
  5. Chief Academic Director for College of Health Sciences,

To this effect, the University invites Interested staff members to apply for the aforementioned positions by filling in an application form and submit it with the required credentials to Dr. Yoseph Makonnen, Office of the President, within 7 consecutive working days of these announcement

1. Required Qualification and Rank

  • For all Positions A minimum of MA/MSc holder in relevant field to the area he/she applies, and a minimum Rank of Assistant professor and four-Year Service;
  • For Chief Academic Director for College of Health Sciences, PhD holder in Health Sciences/medical Doctor (Specialty or subspecialty) and four-year service.

2. Term of Office

  •  He/she shall hold office for a period of 3 years with the possibility of reappointment.

3. Eligibility

  • Full-time employment status (i.e. must not be retired, not be enrolled as a student, not be a part-time employee).
  • Satisfies the required competence and qualification;
  • Has no serious ethical charges, disciplinary measures, etc;
  • All required documentation and technical requirements of the selection and appointment process must be in order’

N.B  Those who have submitted their final thesis/dissertation for defense are eligible.

Download The Application Form Below