Call for publication

Submit your 2018 published article for incentive

Research and publications are two sides of a coin and one drives the other. AAU has designed publication incentive to encourage research and publication at the university, which has been implemented since a while now.

The Office would like to inform all academic staffs and researchers to submit their 2018 published articles in a reputable journal for incentive. Please submit using AAU CONVERIS at research portal between October 18 and November 18.

Important information:

  1. Submission deadline: November 18, 2019. The software will not accept any late submission and the office will not entertain either.
  2. Submit ONLY 2018 publication.
  3. Please attach filled, signed and scan copy of the attached Publication Incentive Submission Form.

Publication Incentive application Form



Mr. Biniyam Amsalu ( or +251-912077039, ICT Business Application Development and Administration Team Leader) for any technical assistance regarding CONVERIS.

Research Director Office