Call for submission of Thematic and Adaptive Research Projects and application for publication incentives

To All Academic staff of AAU

The Research office of AAU is now ready to receive Thematic and  Adaptive research projects and articles for incentives via CONVERIS.  The CONVERIS system will remain open until September 23, 2018 to receive Thematic and Adaptive Research Projects. Please submit your projects within the period specified so that we can finalize the selection of winning projects on September 30/2018.

The system will remain open to receive applications for publication incentives along with uploading of the associated articles (articles of 2016 not uploaded previously and all article of 2017) until October 30/2018. Payment of the incentives will be effected within the first semester of the upcoming academic year.

Associate Deans for Research and Technology Transfer and Directors of Research Institutes are urged to keep reminding their respective constituencies to observe the deadlines for submission of research proposals and uploading of articles.