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Prospective Graduates of 2017/18 Academic Year

the booklet of graduates of this academic year 2017/18. Prospective Graduate Booklet 2010-2018

Research Day of Addis Ababa University

The 2018 Annual Research Day of Addis Ababa University will be held on June 14, 2018 in Eshetu Chole Hall, at the College of Business and Economics starting from 08:30 am. The objectives of the Research day are to present

Call for Staff Exchange visit Grant

   ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY AFRICA CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR WATER MANAGEMENT (ACEWM)  PURPOSE OF THE GRANT the ACEWM, supported by the Government of Ethiopia and the World Bank Group, endeavors to contribute towards the development of highly skilled human resource

New Opportunity for Graduate Studies Africa Centre of Excellence for Water Management Apply for MSc and PhD Programs in 2018/19

The Africa Centre of Excellence for Water Management (ACEWM) is a new initiative of the World Bank Group and the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia through the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) regional Center of Excellence Project

Innovative Ethiopian Companies

to receive incubation support and business mentoring in its soon to be opened, brand new, world-class premises at the new School of Commerce building The EEBIC offers an unique opportunity to innovative companies to receive top-class incubation and office space,

EEBIC Application Guidelines for Innovative Companies

Dear Applicant, welcome! Please try to give us a good understanding of your business and your innovative ideas for a new product service or process in maximum 5 pages in total (excluding attachments or additional materials). Please, follow the guidelines