CDS undertakes research dissemination workshop

The College of Development Studies (CDS) of the Addis Ababa University carried out a research dissemination workshop on rural land scarcity, fragmentation and landlessness on July 29, 2016 at Sarem Hotel.

The aim of the workshop was to present and discuss the research findings obtained from the study carried out on land scarcity, fragmentation, landlessness and implications for rural household food security in Amhara, Oromia and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional States of Ethiopia.

The study aimed at exploring the magnitude of land scarcity, fragmentation and landlessness under different contexts such as agro-ecology, gender and family size.

The study further examined the interaction of land and its characteristics with rural household food security status.

Speaking on the occasion, Dean of the College of Development Studies, Dilu Shaleka (Ph.D.) noted that the findings, supported by compelling evidence, are believed to make a strong case that require policy attention.

He further pointed out the College’s commitment to continue conducting research on land issues, citing the college’s long standing tradition of being at the forefront of a broader array of land research.

The study findings singled out that landlessness and fragmentation are of considerable magnitude that requires policy attention. The study further identified that landholding size and landlessness affect household food security in the selected study regions.


Following the presentations, participants posed various questions which the researchers deliberated on.

Carried out by three veteran researchers from the College of Development Studies: Workneh Negatu (Ph.D.), Degefa Tolossa (Ph.D.) and Ato Dula Etana, the study was financed by the USAID through its project called ‘Land Administration to Nurture Development.’

Several academicians, researchers, pertinent experts from the selected study regions as well as stakeholders were part of the workshop.