CDT Africa launches five projects

Center for Innovative Drug Development and Therapeutic Trials for Africa launched five projects during ceremony held at College of Health Sciences, AAU on 20th June, 2018.

The newly launched projects are supposed to increase health care coverage and quality in the region. The newly launched projects include: Health system strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa, Integration and scale up of care package for patients with lymphoedema in Ethiopia, The East African consortium for clinical research, translation research in to policy and practice: scaling up evidence based multiple focus integrated intensified TB screening to end TB in the East African region, Pharmacovigilance infrastructure and post marketing surveillance system capacity building for regional medicine regulatory harmonization in east Africa.

The event featured presentation and highlights on CDT Africa and the new projects.

Speaking on the event Dr. Abebaw Fekadu, Head, CDT-Africa said, “higher education institutions exist to make sure that a knowledge based economy is created in the country. We are responsible for problem solving innovations, predicting future, changing and controlling the changing future and creating future we want.”

CDT-Africa is with more advantages, said Dr Abebaw, among others a large number of clinical scientists, the largest number of medical specialists in the country, few but extremely talented scientists, clear national commitment and international partners leading the next generation medical discoveries. He went on saying that in two decades, the College of Health Sciences of the AAU through CDT-Africa can be a leader for Africa’s independence and prosperity that may be created through sufficient production of medical commodities.

Higher officials of government ministries, collaborators, national and international partners of the center attended the event.