CDT-Africa organizes Consortium meeting


Center for Innovative Drug Development and Therapeutic Trials for Africa (CDT-Africa) of the Addis Ababa University organized a consortium meeting on 23rd October 2017 at Desalegn Hotel, Addis Ababa.

 Ensuring availability of medicines, vaccines and diagnostics is top in the agenda.

No African country is self-sufficient, noted Sufyan Abdulbet, Director, Ministry of Health, to address local demand with regard to pharmaceuticals.

“In Ethiopia, reports indicate that the country imports 6 – 20% of the annual pharmaceutical demands from other countries out of the total demand of between 700 and 800 million USD worth,” said the Director.

He further accentuated that the Ethiopian government has given huge emphasis to local pharmaceutical manufacturing development to tackle the high shortage of medicines and diagnostic products in the country and skilled man power in these fields capable of addressing the local demand and harnessing the existing benefits of the export potential.

“The Center for Innovative Drug Development and Therapeutic Trials for Africa (CDT-Africa) is dedicated to improve equitable access to medications, vaccines, diagnostics and other interventions and bring about fair and sustainable development in Africa through high quality capacity development for therapeutic discovery in a regional platform. CDT-Africa came into existence at a very crucial time – right after the national strategy and action plan is launched. The functions and focus areas of CDT-Africa is perfectly aligned with what the national strategy is envisioned to achieve, i.e. to improve access to quality, safe, and efficacious essential medicines and diagnostics,” said the Director in statement.

Taking the opportunity Dr. Abebaw Fekadu, Head, CDT-Africa also noted that the meeting is very much significant bringing partners together to work together, share experiences and develop capacity on area of medicine, vaccine and diagnostics development.

“The intention of the center is broadly to be innovation catalyst that can be substantial instrument to improve and address local demand of medicine and vaccine supply,” said Dr Abebaw.

Funding agencies, national and international institutions, national and regional universities attended the meeting.

CDT-Africa aims to create an Africa-based world class center for innovation and discovery of ground-breaking health interventions relevant for diseases of the region and the world.