Center for Students Career Development organizes a half day Discussion

Addis Ababa University Center for Students Career Development jointly with College of Business and Economics organized a half day discussion on the theme “Together for peace and Harmony: Be Ethical, Respectful and Dignified” to the students on November 10, 2018 at College of Business and Economics Hall.

The discussion intends to build a sense of solidarity among students and create peaceful teaching-learning process throughout the academic year.

More than 600 students participated the discussion. Representative of different religious institutions including the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Ethiopian Muslim Affairs, Ethiopian Evangelical Church and the Ethiopian Catholic Church were also in attendance.

Representatives of the religious institutions noted that creating a cooperative learning environment has both a positive social and educational impact on each participating student. They further underlined that respecting one another is a critical skill that has far-reaching effects and can help students on campus, as well as in their day-to-day lives, explore and celebrate the diversity among students, overcome their differences, work as a team, develop stronger interpersonal skills, create new friendships, improve their social interactions, and exchange ideas. “All of these benefits contribute to a better, more comprehensive learning environment.”

During the discussion panelists strongly advised students to understand the value of peace and respect one another during their stay on the campus.