CHR Commences Training on State of Emergency and Human Rights

Addis Ababa University (AAU) Center for Human Rights is conducting a training focused on “State of Emergency and Human Rights” at Sarem International Hotel, Addis Ababa from 26-30 October 2020.

According to Christophe Van der Beken (PhD), Multidisciplinary Human Rights Education and Training Project coordinator, the training is targeted to train high and mid-level government officials as well as civil society representatives from different areas and disciplines.

As the trainers Dr. Mesenbet Aseffa, Asst. Professor of Law at AAU and Ms. Saba Gebre Medihin, Executive Director of Ethiopian Women’s Network Association clarified that:

The training aims to create basic human rights awareness and knowledge on the trainees by equipping with necessary skills which help them to address specific HR issues.

The course intends to strengthen the implementation of the existing human rights protection mechanisms and identify gaps to be filled, they added.

Dr. Mesenbet Aseffa on his side confirmed that a declaration of state of emergency has serious and drastic implementations on the exercising of human rights and fundamental freedoms in its grace period.

AAU reporter is informed that the participants are intended to make discussions on “as human rights are rights inherited from nature; respecting human rights is for the sake of the world; every right has its own restrictions; tortures and inhuman treatments are prohibited in any condition; what the role of government is on respecting human rights;” and so on.

Addis Ababa University Center for Human Rights organized the training in collaboration with Sweden and Norwegian Embassies.

By: Tenagnework Mekonnen

Photo: Andualem Assefa

Editor: Abraham Girmay