College of Health Science organizes Professor’s Day

The College of Health Science of the Addis Ababa University organized Professor’s day on February 7, 2018 at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital to honor professors and their invaluable contribution.

Professors, invited guests and higher officials attended the occasion. Thirty four professors from Health Science were honored for their outstanding contribution to the country in general and the college in particular.

Matiwos Ensermu (Ph.D.), Vice President for Administration and Student Services, made the opening remarks in which he warmly welcomed the guests. On his speech he said that “Addis Ababa University’s core competence is about its professors. These are the knowledge assets of the University. Unlike other resources, like buildings of the university their knowledge (service) to the university does not deteriorate while in use. Rather it will appreciate when used and applied. AAU is proud of having such seasoned professors and it is this that made AAU unique as compared to other public universities in Ethiopia.”

Some of the invited professors presented their valuable research and shared their life and work experience.

Professor Demissie Habte, the First Ethiopian Pediatrician, shared his memories on how he and his colleagues gathered every morning to discuss about their patients. He also argued that despite the promising changes over the past 30 years, the increasing number of students and the dwindling financial and material resources in the face of this surge could pose a huge threat to the quality of the teaching learning process.
He went on to state that this reality will be a challenge to students in using their potential and serve their society. He also urged health practitioners to work hard and take responsibility to overcome the challenges.
Professor Demissie also paid his respects to late professors Professor Asrat woldeyes, Professor Taye Mekuria, Professor Jemmal Abdulkadir and Professor Hailemariam Tsega. He also passed his gratitude to expatriate professors who served the faculty over the years.


A group of doctors known as “Hakim 92”, 1984 E.C graduates, donated books worth 50,000 Birr for the medical faculty library and another 50,000 birr for “Gojjo Himuman Meredaja”.